Analog vs. Digital

In my life, I prefer most all digital ways of doing things. I love having everything in the palm of my hand and the efficiency that technology brings to my life. I do not see why anyone would prefer doing things the analog way when the digital way saves so much time. Having said this, when I read the question posed, “Is there an example in your life where you prefer the analogue approach instead of a digital solution?” I instantly thought of one thing. This may be the only thing that I still do the analog way and I am not sure I will ever change. I love reading and I often find myself putting off other things just so I can be engrossed by a book. Years ago, but father got me a Kindle Paper White as a present. This is a small tablet that’s sole purpose is to hold hundreds of copies of books. At first, I loved it. It was so practical and it could hold way more books than I ever could have all in a thin tablet that was easy to use. After reading a few books on this tablet I started to miss something about the analog way of doing it. I missed flipping every page and the feeling of the paper against my fingertips. I kind of missed carrying a book around with me and being able to visible see how much I was able to read in one day. Even though the technology was so practical, useful, and overall probable the better way to go about reading, I couldn’t help by miss the analog way of doing things. To this day I still use the physical copy of books and I do not think this will ever change. Sorry Dad.

Beliefs and Technology

There was one time in my life that I gave up my phone for a belief that I have. I am Christian and at some point, in high school my whole church was doing a fast together. We were each supposed to pick one thing that we felt like consumed a lot of our life, I chose my phone, for obvious reasons. So, for the fast, I gave up my phone for one week and I chose to focus on God and my religion during the time I would usually be using my phone. I liked this because instead of preoccupying myself with my phone I was reading the Bible, doing devotionals, and focusing on my God. I know this sounds dramatic, but it was honestly really hard. I have become so accustomed and reliant my phone it was honestly hard to live life without it, even for a week. But I think at the end of the day that was the point of the fast and I would do it again because I think it made me a better person.

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