Final Project: Unexpected Revelations

Throughout the semester, our digital studies class has studied different features of the internet as well as the tools that comes along with it. For our final project I decided to use a text analysis called “Voyant Tools”. This tool in particular interests me because it allows anyone to analyze the most used words in […]

Analog Tech and Beliefs

Analog vs. Digital In my life, I prefer most all digital ways of doing things. I love having everything in the palm of my hand and the efficiency that technology brings to my life. I do not see why anyone would prefer doing things the analog way when the digital way saves so much time. […]

Diversity and Inclusivity in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans           The video game I decided to analyze is Clash of Clans. I personally do not play this game but I have a lot of family and friends who play it, so I am very familiar with the game. In order to conduct this analysis, I watched videogame footage, downloaded that game […]

Parody Terms of Service

Hi everyone, Welcome to Stalkin’, the app that allows you to find background information, personal details, or straight up dirt on anyone you can imagine. The sky’s the limit when using our app, but you must agree to our terms of service, so we have permission to stalk you back. Disclaimer: Stalkin’s terms of service […]

Social Media. Good or Bad?

The changes that social media brings to the world are overall positive and better for users. Some say there are many issues that social media can bring such as addiction or lack of privacy, but because social media connects people and is constantly changing to make life easier for us, social media has changed us […]

AI Interactions

My question: What running shoes should I buy? AI answer: This is a difficult question to answer since it depends on your individual running needs. The best way to find the right running shoes for you is to visit a specialty running store and get fitted for a pair. The staff at the store can […]

My Rebuilt Internet

The internet to me is something that links everyone together. It allows us to keep in touch, learn, and understand new topics and ideas. How I imagine the internet is like a chain that links all of us together. I have chosen to represent the internet as a colorful chain linked in a circle for […]

The Internet, Then vs. Now

How is growing up with the internet different today than it was for kids and teens in the early 2000’s? Other than the antic dial-up sound that used to come with the internet, there are so many changes that have come with the growth of the internet. I would like to focus on one simple […]

Modern day Artifacts

This week’s reading, Small Pieces Loosely Joined, highlights the changes the internet has made over the years. In chapter One, the author focuses on what the internet is really capable of and the dangers that are associated with it. About half way through Chapter One the author talks about how aggressively the internet has changed […]